Get to know the Konrad House,                                                           

                                 the first village museum - house in Kisjakabfalva, Hungary!

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Konrad House - a traditionalist museum in the heart of the tiny village, Kisjakabfalva (next to Villány) - is a renovated family estate once belonging to the ancestors of the present owner. The house has been restored to its original state and refurbished paying topmost attention to only using genuine materials, furniture and ornaments. While the Konrad House attempts to create the atmosphere of a long forgotten world, the world of the ethnic Germans in Baranya county, the house is also a living house as the rooms, the equipment are all operational. Strolling along the several living rooms, the kitchen, the barns, the wine-press house, and the maid's room one can easily imagine the everyday life of the people who once lived here. The Konrad House offers a colourful programme for the guests arriving for a wine-tasting in Villány, for visitors coming from Germany, just as well as for groups of schoolchildren coming to visit the neighbourhood.




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Konrad House ˇ7773 Kisjakabfalva ˇ Fő út 63. ˇ +36/20/3-69-28-69