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The history of the Konrad House


The church of Jackfall in those days

Joannes Conrad and his wife -

they built the house

To resurrect the depopulated areas in the 18th century after the Ottoman occupation, German speaking inhabitants were settled into Hungary. Baranya county received settlers also, mainly between 1760-1770. These ethnic Germans  made their living almost entirely from agriculture and were exceedingly self-supporting. With 500 people the population of Kisjakabfalva (Jackfall) reached its peak before the second Wold War, now the village has approximately 200 inhabitants.   

The Konrad House was the home of Joannes Conrad's family. The layout of the house and the barns forms a "U" which was the typical arrangement of the buildings at the rich ethnic German families at the beginning of the 20th century. The wine-press house, the cellar and the barns were built in 1872, while the house was erected in 1907. The sheds and barns used to keep the livestock and the corns and the maid's house  were constructed some years later. The place next to the buildings where the vegetable garden used to be hosts now a pen. On the street side the house is bordered by a brick fence divided by wrought-iron gates.


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