Main building

The main building of the Konrad House has five living rooms. The front giving on the street is traditionally richly ornamented while the walls looking onto the yard are white.

Open corridor

From the outside the rooms are connected by a typical open corridor. It is worth noting the archetypal floral ornaments on the walls.

Inside the rooms

The rooms in the Konrad House have been decorated in the style of different ages. The interior seen in this photo is part of the so called "German room" which has bourgeois characteristics.


The furniture of this room were fabricated in Eszék in the first decade of the last century and the settee in the corner has also bourgeois characteristics.

Dining hall

The representative, old German dining table with the matching chairs in the fifth room refurbished as dining hall was the chic style in the 1920s and 1930s.

Wine-press house

The oven with the wrought-iron door is not only a marvellous decoration of the wine-press house, but is operational as well.


On the ground floor of these barns are the pigsties and the roost, while upstairs the corn was dried and stocked.

U-type arrangement

The sheds were connected to the house thus creating the typical "U" form in the middle with the huge garden


In one of the sheds four carts can be seen, all of them renovated from original parts.


In one part of the stable the everyday working tools of the farmers from the bygone days are exhibited.

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